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Our Vision

We want to create and lead the revolution of the financial services industry.


Next Leaders Gen Financial Services shares with people the opportunity to fulfill their hopes and dreams. The majority of
people across America don’t like their position in life. Next Leaders Gen is here to increase your vision of
the possibilities of your success.


We have a personal interest in the well-being and success of every associate. In Next Leaders Gen you will develop friends
for life and find mentors who will work to help you reach your goals.

Our focus at Next Leaders Gen is Indexed UL’s and Indexed Annuities. At Next Leaders Gen, we are proud to say with our Indexed products,
our clients cash values have NOT PARTICIPATED in the recent Market Downturns. On the Annuity side we believe
in Fixed, Guaranteed No Risk products, that offer our clients an opportunity to receive a GUARANTEED LIFETIME

INCOME, WITHOUT ANNUNCIATION! We also believe in Life Insurance that you don’t need to die to use!